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A free music player for your iPhone and iPad

Music Player + (also known as Music Apps) is a free online music player. It allows you to play music that you find online, and allows you to save playlists so that you may revisit your favourite songs at a later date.

A simple and serviceable app

Music Player + (also known as Music Apps) is an online music player, which means it can play music you find online (such as on YouTube), and it can play your music on your mobile device. This app is only a music player. It does not have its own music-search function, and it does not provide free music to download. You may set up your own playlists in the app, which includes links back to any free online music you have found. Music may be separated into categories, and there is a search function in the app that allows you to search through your own playlists to find the song you want.

Only minor problems present themselves

One of the biggest problems with Music Player + (also known as Music Apps) is that it takes too long to open the app and start playing music. Most people do not want to wait for something to load and then click off a bunch of adverts when they want to hear music. Most people want the music within a few seconds, and that is something you cannot do with Music Player +. Also, you have to be 17yrs or old to download and use this app because some of the adverts are of an adult nature. Other than those flaws, this is a serviceable music app.


  • The categorizing function is very user friendly
  • You can save playlists for songs found online


  • The app is loaded with intrusive adverts
  • It takes too long to open the app


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Music Player +


Music Player + 1.1 for iPhone


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